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JP Wellness


Since we began, JP has strived to focus on our patients and their needs, from our premium flowers to our concentrates, edibles, glass, accessories, and more.  At JP Wellness you will find great member benefits and amazing deals for both members and non-members.  Come visit our friendly staff at one of our three convenient locations around Colorado Springs and find a great selection of whatever you may need!




Each batch handcrafted from plant to shelf



All Things Concentrated

JP Wellness continues to excel above the competition when it comes to concentrates.  From solventless to all forms BHO & PHO, we have got you covered.  We focus on carrying the premium brands that Colorado has to offer, and always having a wide variety of products for our customers to pick from.  You can find in house Distillate, BHO, PHO, Rosin, and Live Resin made by companies such as Craft 710, Concentrate Supply Company, Incredibles, Viola and more!